Adventures in the Lava Fissures Nearby

We accepted the task given us by the desmodu to clean out the fire salamanders and their ilk from the nearby lava fissures. However, I have no detailed recollection of what happened nor how we prevailed. Something about a river of lava being walled up by magic, and we were trying to get it to be un-walled for the sake of the desmodu. I don’t remember why. Or maybe we were trying to wall it up, because the mean salamanders had un-walled it. Can’t recall.

Regardless, we were our traditionally awesome selves and prevailed fantastically.

Adventures in the Ruins of the Temple of Lloth
Beholders, our mortal enemies

The curse that had turned Dar into stone finally wore off and our party was once again whole. While resting in our hidden room, we managed to escape the notice of the Desmodu and beholder search party. We then followed them silently into a larger hall and got the drop on them.

Using our patented Inviso-Teleport tactic, we landed adjacent to the beholder and took our surprise round action. Z’s formidable arcane might was once again no match for the beholder who ended up as a frog. The remaining desmodu were no trouble. One demodu guard had been sent to retrieve the remaining beholder from its mission on a relic dig somewhere in the city. Sargon mortally wounded him as he attempted to flee. The desmodu then fell panic stricken into a trap pit that dumped him into the submerged lower level of the temple. We knew the level to be infested with dire sharks and knew the him to be doomed.

Learning that the remaining beholder was away gave us time to plan an ambush, as well as finish searching the temple for goods. We explored the submerged lower level of the temple and enjoyed the company of such creatures as demonic bladed constructs, dire sharks, and even a single kraken. The waters around us ran warm when we were blindsided by the gargantuan sea monster. Fortunately, our teamwork and skill prevailed. With the help of a summoned whale, a few ill timed ink jets from Dar in the shape of a giant octopus, and Sargon in the form of an 11-headed hydra we dispatched the creature with some effort.

The next day we reconnoitered the city from the air while invisible and easily go the drop on the final beholder and his crew. Now, no longer seeing it as a gamble, we waited for Z to act and transform the hapless beholder into a new and harmless diminutive form. The cleanup was as simple as always.

We headed for the friendly desmodu city to inform them of our success in routing the enemies from the Drow city and its temple. They informed us of trouble the were having with the nation of the fire salamanders in the lava fissures nearby. It sounds as if they need our help in quelling or destroying their enemies. Join us next time when we don our fire retardant suits and delve deeper into the Underdark.

Further Adventures

We did some other stuff too, but I’m totally blanking. Oh! It involved Dragons and Dragon Spire and dragon graveyards. Yeah… lots of acid. And an undead green dragon abomination of some sort. And we fixed everything. And the gold dragon was all cool with us.

The Flying City
Help Wanted: Engineers apply within

We found an ancient fallen flying city infested with monsters. We cleaned out the monsters. Now we just need to hire some engineers to make the city go.


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